Tested and trusted method for hair removal leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking great

For sensitive areas we use crème hot wax, ensuring you have a hygienic, fast, effective and virtually pain free treatment. Pre and post oils and lotions are applied to the area to prepare the skin.

Areas that can be treated




Full leg £23 Underarm £7.50
Half leg £17    Threequarter leg £18 Lip or chin £6  both £9
Full arm £19 Eyebrow shape £9
Half arm £12.50    Threequarter arm £14 Facial wax from £15
Back or Chest £21 Bikini Line from £10
Back & Chest £35 Tummy area from £10


Waxing packages for holidays and wedding or just………

Full leg and bikini £29

Half leg and bikini £22

Full leg bikini and underarm £33

Full leg, bikini, underarm, top lip, chin and eyebrows £40

Teen wax (up to 17)

½ leg £10
½ leg and bikini £15
Full leg £18
Full leg and bikini £23

Regular waxing appointments are recommended in order to get the best possible results and a progressive reduction in hair growth.

One off treatments before special occasions or holidays can also be effective.