Hot Stone Massage

 Hot Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art that has been rediscovered and its use for healing purposes dates back thousands of years. It is believed to open up the energy channels of the body (chakras) to balance and restore.  Smooth basalt stones which range in size are heated and applied with oil all over the body in a massage movement. The heat that is retained in the stones penetrates deep into the muscle resulting in a much deeper and more relaxing massage.

A great treatment for tight muscles and stiff joints.

Stone massage therapy blends the ancient art of stone massage with modern massage techniques to create a massage experience unlike any other you have experienced before!

Hot Stone Body Massage                         60 mins            £72
Hot Stone Back and Back of Legs            40 mins            £56
Hot Stone Back Massage                         30 mins            £42


( A perfect treatment for anyone who would like and introduction to Hot Stone Massage)