Gelicure nails are the latest technique that will give you salon perfect nails which usually lasts for up to three weeks. Gelicure nails are great for people who have problems with growing their nails and want lovely long nails.

Even if you already have lovely nails, Gelicure nails can be great if you want Salon perfect, chip free nails for a longer time.

Gelicure is a nail gel that is applied over your existing nails and hardened under a heat lamp. You can choose a variety of lovely colours or an elegant French polish.

You can add Gelicure nails to any manicure or pedicure.

Gelicure nails have to be removed at the Salon.

Gelicure hands or feet £20

Both £30

Add to manicure/pedicure £10

Removal £10

Removal with mini manicure £20