For Feet

Everyone has different feet and require different pedicures. We have considered everyone’s concerns and age and have developed a menu of feet treatments for you to choose from.

1. Express Pedicure £18

This treatment is for those who can’t seem to find the time? Perfect for lunchtime or after work. A pampering treatment for your feet that need a quick treatment to feel and look good.   

Your nails are filed to the shape you like. Your cuticles are treated with nourishing oils. Hard skin is removed from the feet during an express pedicure. A rich and silky cream is applied to leave the skin hydrated and it’s all finished off with a base, topcoat and polish, of your choice!  lasts 30 min 

2. Moisture intense pedicure £25

This treatment is like a spa day out for your feet!

 Using luxury products including cuticle oil with lemon and a replenishing moisture lotion containing the wonderful aromas of an orange and a geranium which are excellent for dry skin. These creams and oils leave you hands feeling perfectly smooth and leave you perfectly relaxed! 

 Your feet are exfoliated until all the hard or dry skin has been removed leaving your skin wonderfully smooth. Your nails are pruned, clipped and shaped to your liking.  Your feet are then massaged with highly moisturizing oils and creams removing all the tension and knots built up on your toes, feet and ankles. lasts one hour.

3.  Moisture intense pedicure with paraffin wax £29

All the above PLUS your feet being immersed into warm paraffin wax and wrapped up all snug. The wax will set and the warmth and moisture will rehydrate your feet and also help with minor aches and pains. When the wax is removed your feet will feel lovely and soft and ready for a base, top coat and a  splash of colour of your choice! lasts one hour and 15 mins.

4. File and Polish £15

As it says on the tin. takes 20 mins.

5. Teenage Mini Pedicure (up to 17yrs) £20

Add French Polish to any of the above £3.50

Add Gelicure £15