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Our therapist can advise you which is the most appropriate treatment for your individual skin type.

Decleor facials

The Ultimate Relaxation – a great beauty treatment

At Beauty and Wellness we only use the highest quality products to attain the optimum results. Decléor, which has devoted years of intensive research to creating face and body care ranges, is now an acknowledged authority in skincare, based on natural, healthy treatments using Essential Oils.

All facials include a neck and back massage and a hand and foot or head massage with digito pressures and phytodrainage to promote the activity of essential oils.

Decléor Decovery Facial

Decléor Ultimate Vitimin Glow

Decléor Moisture Quench

Decléor Divine Nutrition

Decléor White Radiance

Decléor Advanced Collagen Plump & Lift

Decléor Advanced Sculpt & Lift

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Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial

The skincare choice of celebrities. The Crystal Clear microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates the skin, eliminates blocked pores, lines, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. You will see immediate results.

Includes a tailor made mask and hand or foot massage.

Deluxe Crystal Clear Facial (1hr) £40

Crystal Clear Back Shine (30 min) £28

Cellulite and Body Contouring (30 min) £28

Bright Eyes (30 min) £32

Hand Rejuvenation (30 min) £35

Correction Treatments (15 min) £17

Environ Iontophoresis Facial

A great skin rejuvenator. This sophisticated technique uses specially formulated vitamins and an ioniser to promote a deep absorption of vital nutrients. Can increase penetration of vitamins deep into the skin by up to 400% extra, giving outstanding results. Fantastic Vitaminic Facial for sun damaged, acne and pigmented skins. Increases penetration of vitamins to the skin by 400% giving outstanding results.

Beneficial for all skin types.

Beneficial for sun damaged skin.

Environ Electical Facial– £57.00

Environ Manual Facial– £49.00

Teenage Mini facial (up to 17 yrs old) 45 min £25

Includes a skin consultation.